Beyond duality consciousness is not the same as Non Duality consciousness, although they may be experienced similarly. In Non Duality, we release our attachment to physical form, go into an altered or out of body consciousness, and experience our physical and energetic bodies as separate from one another. Although out of body consciousness is not dualistic, unless we see our energetic and physical bodies as part of a greater whole, the perceived separation between them becomes another duality. In Beyond Duality consciousness, there is no Higher Self or Lower Self. There is just ONE Self that includes all aspects of life.

The challenges of Beyond Duality consciousness are addressed on Lisa’s call-in shows archived at

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Spiritual Awakening and Creativity in the Void

Spiritual Awakening is a hot topic these days. Millions of people are searching for answers at seminars, workshops and conferences lead by masters, gurus, channelers and inspirational speakers of all kinds. Yet as I watched a spider weave her web in front of our kitchen window this morning, I GOT it in a way that was more direct that any inspirational message, philosophy, scientific speculation, guidance or prophecy could express.

She started from where she just happened to land, with nothing but empty space around her, and proceeded to weave, thread by thread, a magnificent web. How did she know where and when to turn around in that space, that void? Who taught her to produce the threads and where to place them? There were no gurus in sight to tell her “this is your mission, this way next, turn this way to manifest all that you desire.” Yet she moved with complete certainty, following the invisible path imprinted in her cellular memory; a deep, inherent knowing her only guide.

Can we learn to trust our own deep knowing as we navigate these challenging times? Can we learn to trust our intuition, our gut feelings, our own inner knowing? Can we let go of the ideas and beliefs imposed by family, friends and affiliation with religious, social, political and professional groups? Can we release the illusions created by our conditioning?

My own spiritual awakening happened on the eve of my 50th birthday, in response to the question,  who am I when I am not a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, wife, psychotherapist. Anonymously, free of my roles I ventured to the Grand Canyon. As I sat on the edge of a rock away from the path one day, watching the changing shadows over the eons of history engraved in the rocks, time seemed to stop. It was not until I began to feel chilled that I realized I had been there for several hours. I got up feeling utterly fulfilled. In the silence, in the absence of thought, feeling, motion or human contact, I had awakened to Spirit and connected with my true Self.

When we release attachment to our socially defined roles and identity we face a void. In that vast emptiness our God-given knowing emerges. Then, like the spider, we can weave the threads of our lives into the design that is uniquely right for us.

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The Purpose of Life

What is my soul’s purpose?

An ancient story about the origin of the little ‘v” on our upper lip sheds light on how come we both know and don’t know our purpose:.

As we are coming into incarnation, an angel places a finger to our lips and says “You won’t remember any of this when you are born”…

The goal of spiritual awakening is to re-discover who we are, our soul’s purpose, our connection with All That Is.
To do that, we must face the void of not knowing.
“and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”….

                                                                                 —T.S. Eliot

Sometimes all we need to do is pay attention to how others face the void, not knowing where or what to do next. There can be real Spiritual Awakening in the Void (see my blog with that title)

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Believing is Seeing

What do we see when we open our eyes? Is it what is out there, or is it what we believe we will see out there? The common expression is, “Seeing is believing”.  In fact, it is the other way around. We can only see what we believe we can see.

Have you ever found yourself in a familiar room, office, or situation, and suddenly noticed a picture, mirror, plant or angle that you never noticed before? Nothing has changed in what your eyes are seeing, what has changed is your perception, your beliefs about the world.

Because our beliefs affect how we see things, it is essential to get in touch with what we believe. When I think all males are predators waiting to dominate, that is how I will see their most congenial, respectful behavior. Unexamined beliefs about other races nationalities and religions are the cause of most conflicts and wars throughout history.                          

We need to take charge of what we see, and examine our beliefs if there is to be peace in the world. One way to see beyond polarities and separation is to open The fourth eye the eye of the aura helps us see that we are all part of one, evolving creation.


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Faith is a knowing that transcends belief, transcends religion, transcends philosophy, transcends science, transcends third dimension consciousness. 

Faith is not a belief system. Religious faith is faith in a set of beliefs.Religion can serve as a guidepost to the deeper, eternal  truth that is the essence of faith, but it can also distract from  knowing the essential truth of being.

When we open the fourth eye, we see that faith is a knowing that our individual responsibility and purpose is the same as that of the Creation.

We are One.

A Spiritual Primer

open your 7th chakra

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Hope and Fear

Rather than polarities, hope and fear  are simply signposts along the journey to transcendence of hope and fear. Hope is anchored in the future. Fear is anchored in the past. The  journey from and through hope and fear is a journey from future to past and back again, in repetitive cycles. As we become conscious of these cycles, through opening the fourth eye, they become ever widening spirals, opening into a present that incorporates past and future.

ImageThis is commonly referred to as transcendence.

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Life Is A Gift

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Spiritawake's Blog

“Life is a gift that gives endlessly of Itself, that receives and transforms all forms, energies and manifestations of Itself in the constant motion often referred to as the “music of the spheres. It is the dance between polarities, between heaven and hell, good and evil. It is paradise, the garden of Eden, the All That Is giving of Itself with infinite love and compassion to all Its children, all expressions of Itself.”



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