The Art Of Healing

Healing is an ART? Most folks think of it as a SKILL.
A skill is something one has to study for, something that requires certifications and diplomas and techniques. All kinds of doctors, massage and body workers, sound and energy practitioners, counselors, psychologists, psychics, channels in an ever-expanding list of designations offer healing services. But is the essence of healing something that can be learned? A skill is something one can learn from a school, a course, and a mentor. An art is an individual expression that is not dependent on skill.

Skills can play a crucial role in the healing process, especially in times of crisis or cases of severe trauma – but they must be applied artfully to be completely effective. It is estimated that between 80 and 90 percent of presenting symptoms are related to stress. Within our current system, doctors listen for fifteen minutes for identifiable symptoms and then write a prescription. Yet the same fifteen minutes of caring attention to the person presenting the symptoms could alleviate the stress and lead to suggestions of ways to alleviate stress without medication.


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