Believing is Seeing

What do we see when we open our eyes? Is it what is out there, or is it what we believe we will see out there? The common expression is, “Seeing is believing”.  In fact, it is the other way around. We can only see what we believe we can see.

Have you ever found yourself in a familiar room, office, or situation, and suddenly noticed a picture, mirror, plant or angle that you never noticed before? Nothing has changed in what your eyes are seeing, what has changed is your perception, your beliefs about the world.

Because our beliefs affect how we see things, it is essential to get in touch with what we believe. When I think all males are predators waiting to dominate, that is how I will see their most congenial, respectful behavior. Unexamined beliefs about other races nationalities and religions are the cause of most conflicts and wars throughout history.                          

We need to take charge of what we see, and examine our beliefs if there is to be peace in the world. One way to see beyond polarities and separation is to open The fourth eye the eye of the aura helps us see that we are all part of one, evolving creation.


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