Spiritual Awakening and Creativity in the Void

Spiritual Awakening is a hot topic these days. Millions of people are searching for answers at seminars, workshops and conferences lead by masters, gurus, channelers and inspirational speakers of all kinds. Yet as I watched a spider weave her web in front of our kitchen window this morning, I GOT it in a way that was more direct that any inspirational message, philosophy, scientific speculation, guidance or prophecy could express.

She started from where she just happened to land, with nothing but empty space around her, and proceeded to weave, thread by thread, a magnificent web. How did she know where and when to turn around in that space, that void? Who taught her to produce the threads and where to place them? There were no gurus in sight to tell her “this is your mission, this way next, turn this way to manifest all that you desire.” Yet she moved with complete certainty, following the invisible path imprinted in her cellular memory; a deep, inherent knowing her only guide.

Can we learn to trust our own deep knowing as we navigate these challenging times? Can we learn to trust our intuition, our gut feelings, our own inner knowing? Can we let go of the ideas and beliefs imposed by family, friends and affiliation with religious, social, political and professional groups? Can we release the illusions created by our conditioning?

My own spiritual awakening happened on the eve of my 50th birthday, in response to the question,  who am I when I am not a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, wife, psychotherapist. Anonymously, free of my roles I ventured to the Grand Canyon. As I sat on the edge of a rock away from the path one day, watching the changing shadows over the eons of history engraved in the rocks, time seemed to stop. It was not until I began to feel chilled that I realized I had been there for several hours. I got up feeling utterly fulfilled. In the silence, in the absence of thought, feeling, motion or human contact, I had awakened to Spirit and connected with my true Self.

When we release attachment to our socially defined roles and identity we face a void. In that vast emptiness our God-given knowing emerges. Then, like the spider, we can weave the threads of our lives into the design that is uniquely right for us.

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