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Beyond duality consciousness is not the same as Non Duality consciousness, although they may be experienced similarly. In Non Duality, we release our attachment to physical form, go into an altered or out of body consciousness, and experience our physical … Continue reading

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Spiritual Awakening and Creativity in the Void Spiritual Awakening is a hot topic these days. Millions of people are searching for answers at seminars, workshops and conferences lead by masters, gurus, channelers and inspirational speakers of all kinds. Yet as I … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Life

What is my soul’s purpose? An ancient story about the origin of the little ‘v” on our upper lip sheds light on how come we both know and don’t know our purpose:. As we are coming into incarnation, an angel … Continue reading

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Believing is Seeing

What do we see when we open our eyes? Is it what is out there, or is it what we believe we will see out there? The common expression is, “Seeing is believing”.  In fact, it is the other way around. We … Continue reading

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Faith is a knowing that transcends belief, transcends religion, transcends philosophy, transcends science, transcends third dimension consciousness.  Faith is not a belief system. Religious faith is faith in a set of beliefs.Religion can serve as a guidepost to the deeper, eternal  truth … Continue reading

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Hope and Fear

Rather than polarities, hope and fear  are simply signposts along the journey to transcendence of hope and fear. Hope is anchored in the future. Fear is anchored in the past. The  journey from and through hope and fear is a journey from future to past … Continue reading

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Life Is A Gift

Originally posted on Spiritawake's Blog:
“Life is a gift that gives endlessly of Itself, that receives and transforms all forms, energies and manifestations of Itself in the constant motion often referred to as the “music of the spheres. It…

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