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Healing is about helping a person or persons free themselves of one of several symptoms of discomfort or disease.

The Purpose of Life

What is my soul’s purpose? An ancient story about the origin of the little ‘v” on our upper lip sheds light on how come we both know and don’t know our purpose:. As we are coming into incarnation, an angel … Continue reading

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Believing is Seeing

What do we see when we open our eyes? Is it what is out there, or is it what we believe we will see out there? The common expression is, “Seeing is believing”.  In fact, it is the other way around. We … Continue reading

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The Art Of Healing

Healing is an ART? Most folks think of it as a SKILL. A skill is something one has to study for, something that requires certifications and diplomas and techniques. All kinds of doctors, massage and body workers, sound and energy … Continue reading

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